About the vision

While in prayers, God gave her a vision:
She was shown a valley so vast for the eye to see filled with women with no arms. She was then told:
“Go and give all those women their arms”
When she looked at herself, the Apostle realized she had premature arms. She then asked the one they were conversing with:
“How is one supposed to give arms to those women when mine are this short ?”
A man appeared in front of her, showed her a scepter; with a soothing voice saying:
“If you reach for this scepter, you will receive your arms”
With that voice, came a power that allowed her to stretch long to her arms’ full length as she reached for the scepter. It was no ordinary scepter as it had fur-like threads on its edge that smoothly blew the wind.
The Apostle asked:
“How do I proceed to give the arms?”
She was then instructed to take the scepter down the valley and place upon every woman present and that the arms would grow accordingly. The Apostle listened and humbly did as she was instructed. Subsequently, she witnessed every woman, present in that valley, starting to grow their arms at full length.
She then asked:
“What do those arms represent ?”
She was told that the arms has three meanings:
  1. Sign of hard work
  2. Sign of production and results
  3. Sign of administration
In addition to that, she was to understand that she would give the arms in three ways:
  1. Spiritually
  2. Emotionally
  3. Financially
She was shown a huge billboard that displayed “Christian Women Foundation”. She would understand that there would be women with no Christianity background. They will be taught the word of God, and that the one who believes would be prayed for and shall accept Jesus as their lord and savior for all their eternity. Following that, the apostle saw a billboard stating: “Women Foundation Ministries”.
The Apostle was shown all the countless activities that would take place, in their respected parties.
  1. Music Ministry
  2. Girls Impact Ministry
  3. Women department Ministry
  4. Children Ministry
  5. Men Ministry
  6. Single Parents Ministry
She was also shown government taxes rising thanks to all the women’s joint ventures.
The Apostle was shown women with high respectful positions, parking expensive cars but with their emotional arms cutoff; their emotions were dead-like due to:
  1. Different circumstances they’ve lived through;
  2. Where they were brought up;
  3. How they grew up.
The same women with a lot of money on their bank accounts but worthless to them as they do not know how to utilize it; always financially draining their husbands, asking for every little thing.
The Apostle was told:
“Go and teach them the word of God, as you advise them to do better”
In the wake of finally knowing the word of God, all the dead-like emotions the women had would be cured.
They would be back on track emotion-wise, with the intention of healing each other by giving testimonies and by having heart to heart conversations.
Women teaching each other the knowledge of work, those with jobs would help the jobless, as unemployment decreases until they are no more consumers but producers. As they are leaving church, one arm would carry the bible while the other carries the fruits of her labors.
She foresaw faraway on a hill, men praising and worshiping God because women have received arms. Men who were forcing entry into the ministry, coming just to support the vision bore by a woman.
She envisioned a great Center called “Don’t Cry Center” with different chambers:
  1. Worshiping chamber: with worshipers coming from all corners of the country and the world, to teach the people to praise and worship God. The tears of many being wiped off and their struggles being erased.
  2. Counseling chambers: Accepting many families. With every room being numbered.
  3. Marriage chamber: Husband and wife entering with lack of communication, but once the scepter touches them they start compromising and having cute nicknames!
  4. Training chamber: For the servants of God who have stayed loyal to him but feel unhappy with their lives.
  5. A chamber with female pastors bound to thorns: She was told to “untie them”
  6. Youth chamber: She was shown a youth drowning in drugs and was shown that by being taught by the word of God would turn them into kings and queens.
  7. Store chamber: She was told that if one enters this chamber hungry, one will leave the chamber satisfied.
The Apostle foresaw a long white handkerchief that wiped her tears, as she heard a voice telling her:
“Don’t cry !”
It would be a long day of “don’t cry” whereby people would enter and have their tears wiped off, followed by more people.
She envisioned a large table with scholars seated around it discussing about different things:
  1. Lawyers debating endlessly;
  2. Nutritionists informing people about diets.
  3. Doctors
  4. Professors
As she foresaw the Nyarutarama road that leads to Tennis Club, the apostle saw a basket labelled “Basket Faith”, with women delivering fruits in homes, and young men going to every gate offering to clean their shoes professionally to earn a living.
She was then told that the ones that would work in this foundation are the people that had a harsh life but didn’t falter and allow their hearts to be tainted by the desert.
In addition to that, she was told that for all this to work based on the word of God: God would bless her heart with a verse (Proverbs 27:17)

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another”.


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